Monday, January 19, 2009



Inquisitive and imaginative creature, love fantasy and dreams, good in observing things around them, like to advice and helping others to sort out problems, never backward in their mind, always being sensitive, friends can rely on them.

The Monkey loves to learn new subjects, read well, intelligent and has extremely good memory power which makes them particularly good linguists. They can easily convince others, enjoying conversation, discussion and like debating sessions with family, associates, partner and friends.

People can easily get along with their friendly self assured manner which is very persuasive and can practically win friends to their way of thinking. Thus this is the reason that they can be good politicians and excel as strong public speakers also doing well as a public relation officer, teacher and sales executives.

Being crafty, cunning, occasionally dishonest, the Monkey will seize any opportunities around and make quick gains, profits or outsmart their competitors. With their charming smiles and guile, more than often others cannot see through their minds and do not realise what is happening until it’s too late but despite of their resourceful knowledge and nature do not run the risk of outsmarting even themselves.

Rarely does this creature likes to listen or ask for advice from others because of their strong self confidence and would always rely upon their judgement or discretion when dealing with personal affairs and matters. The Monkey is the master of self preservation and good in solving problems and has the happy knack to extricating themselves from the most hopeless position.

They are able to make considerable sum of money through their gifted diverse talent but seldom really like to enjoy their fruit of success or even to spend on luxury items or to travel abroad for any exotic vacations.

Because of their character, they can become very envious if others have what they want in life. Monkeys are very much of many original thinkers, although they love to have good company but cherish privacy at times. Unhappiness will fill the air for them if being bonded or bounded by restrictions and feel at hemmed if they lose their freedom to act.

The Monkey will lose interest, if they find things around them are too boring or monotonous and always on the lookout for something new or to their delights. Due their lack of persistency and this often slowed down their progress or will hamper achievements that can bring forth success.

By concentrating on things one at a time and not to be distracted far away from their targets, they could easily be successful in the long run. They are good planner and organiser always with readily ideas although behaving erratically at times and on odd occasions they can shrug it off when their ideas or plans failure and accepting them as an experience.

One of their behaviour is trying to do different things to impress their audience which can become their admirers and followers are attracted because of their confidence looks and good sense of humour. The Monkey usually marries at young age but does not like to be tight down too much and must allow time for them to pursue their fields of interest and indulge in their outdoor activities.

Having the variety in life, they are compatible well suited with sociable and outgoing signs like The Rat, Dragon, Pig and Goat. Other signs like The Ox, Snake, Dog and Rabbit can get along well due to their enchanting resourceful outgoing character and is likely to exasperate The Horse and Rooster, dislike The Tiger which usually with its little tricks and impatience but will do well enough with another Monkey due to their understanding and assistance with each another.

The intelligent female Monkey is extremely observant, persuasive and has a shrewd judgement by nature always advice their circle of friends and associates which often highly valued and accept their opinions.

They have good taste for fashion, always dressing up their hairstyles to appease the appearance to get the attention of others during their great variety outdoor activities with friends and associates. The female Monkey practically is devoted parents to their children and proven loyalty and sincerely toward friends and associates.

Finally, The Monkey can achieve ample success if they conduct their business or work gradually, progressively without too many distractions summing up their concentration on matters one by one. By nature they true survivor without any fallback even they face disappointment in life and can bounce back from hopeless situations.